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iPad Mini 2 Repair Dubai

How Quick Can We Finish iPad Mini 2 Repair Dubai? If you’re an iPad Mini 2 owner in Dubai and need a quick repair, our quick and affordable Service is the ideal choice for you. Here’s how quickly they can finish iPad Mini 2 repairs in Dubai.

Screen Replacement Depending on how badly damaged your iPad Mini 2 is, we can replace the screen in as little as 30 minutes. This implies that you can quickly get your device working again.

Changing the battery A battery change for the iPad Mini 2 normally takes 1-2 hours. We only utilize premium replacement batteries to ensure that your smartphone operates more efficiently and charges more quickly.

Model Number (on the back cover): A1489, A1490, A1491

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Carry In Repair

For stock availability information prior to your visit, kindly phone the store. No reservations are necessary.

Pickup & Delivery

If you are located within the borders of Dubai, we offer pickup and delivery service for an additional cost.


If walking in is not an option for you or if you are located in another Emirate, you might choose to use a courier service.

Charging Port Repair Depending on the degree of the damage, an iPad Mini 2 charging port repair normally takes 1-2 hours.

 Replacement of the Home Button Replacing the iPad Mini 2’s home button normally takes 1-2 hours. To keep the same level of performance for you, we exclusively utilize top-quality replacement parts at our service center in Dubai.

Repairing Water Damage Depending on how badly damaged the iPad Mini 2 was, water damage repair could take up to 24 hours. We utilize specialized equipment and methods to dry out your gadget of any moisture and fix any broken parts.

Our expert technicians can finish iPad Mini 2 repairs quickly and efficiently. Screen replacement can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, while battery replacement, charging port repair, and home button replacement typically take 1-2 hours. The exact turnaround time depends on the extent of the damage done to your iPad Mini 2. The less it is, the quicker we will fix it. And the more serious the damage is, the longer it will take us to fix things since we do not want to damage it further iPad Mini 2 Repair Dubai.