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Is your iPad not working normally? Our expert technicians could solve all types of damage issues in a short time. We offer high-quality technical services and cheap price. We offer Budget-friendly iPad repair near me  services. For better satisfaction, we provide Quick repair at your convenience. We also, give a warranty on all High-grade repair parts. Instead of running out to buy a brand-new iPad. Repairing is the best option to get your tablet working again while saving money. Say goodbye to the high rates of new models in the smartphone market. You have a better & comfortable opportunity for repairing your iPad. Visit our shop if your iPad needs reliable repair and avail this opportunity.

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Select the Suitable iPad Repair Experts

Are you looking for a trusted repair center that has an excellent team of experts? Then we are here to help you. choosing the right repairing center is the most important step for iPad repair. It protects your iPad from further damage & risk of malfunction. A TO Z Moblie Phone is one best agencies that repair all damage to iPad effectively in a short time.

We are providing the best services of iPad repair Dubai. You are picking a strong and trusted mechanics shop. Our technicians are co-operative, smart, and friendly. They are stay update to the latest model of iPad technology & latest techniques. We also, offer referral awards. We have extra discount for our repeated customers. Don’t worry!! After repairing we are not demanding hidden fee.

Common Types of iPad Repair:

iPad face common issues of Cracked screens, unresponsive touchscreens, battery drainage, and software crashes. On the other hand, Our technicians have abilities to deal with the lens, ear speaker, loudspeaker, and iPad headphone jack.

  1. iPad Screen Repair

If your iPad screen cracked down? It is critical damage. It affects your mobile internal component if it is not repaired instantly. Your iPad needs immediate attention. Now you need an iPad screen replacement.

Q#. How much does it cost to repair an iPad screen?

iPad screen repair costs depend on the model and problem. Replacing the screen is fairly affordable if your device is still under warranty.

Simple repairs like screen replacements can be completed within a few hours, while more extensive repairs may take longer. iPad prices may vary between different repair shops, be it Apple itself or a reputable repair store.

Repairing Of Different Types of iPad Screen Damage:

  • Cracked iPad screen: Your iPad’s screen may shatter after falling.
  • iPad Scratches: Scratches on screens can hide the display. It makes it difficult to enjoy your iPad. Our team will carefully replace it if needed.
  • iPad Water damage: Water damage can create poor screen performance. Our skilled experts will recommend necessary replacements.

Different types of iPad screen replacement:

  1. LCD Screen replacement
  2. Screen Glass replacement
  3. Screen Touch digitizer replacement
  4. iPad Battery Replacement

If your iPad charges slowly? It means your battery drainage quickly due to some technical default. You need to replace it.

Prevention For iPad Battery Saving

  1. Keep your iPad repairing battery in perfect condition.
  2. Always use the latest version of iPadOS
  3. Avoid using your tablet in extreme temperatures.

Repairing Of Different types of iPad battery damages

Our expert technicians have the ability to handle all types of iPad battery damage.

Battery drain: replace the quick drainage battery.

Battery failing to charge: replace the battery that is failing to charge.

Overheating battery: The overheating battery needs replacement to maintain its functions.

Performing Different Types of iPad Battery Replacement:

  1. OEM battery replacement
  2. Third-party battery replacement
  3. Refurbished battery replacement
  • iPad Charging Port Repair:

No need to use the broken charging port it affects your iPad function. Our experienced technicians have abilities to fix this damage more effectively.

Repairing Of Different types of iPad charging port damages:

An iPad that fails to charge during charging may have a damaged charging port. Get benefits from these types of charging port repairs.

  1. Dirt and debris
  2. Loose connection
  3. Physical damage
  4. Corrosion

Performing Different types of iPad charging port replacement

Our center offers the following charging port replacement techniques for your convenience:

  • Standard charging port replacement
  • Dock connector replacement
  • Lint/dust removal

DIY iPad Repairs vs Professional Service

If you face iPad damage then you need to make a decision to handle it yourself or take it to an expert. Here are the advantages & disadvantages of each option

Do-It-Yourself iPad Repairing

  • DIY repair saves money by avoiding service fees.
  • Many repairs like screen replacement are done with the right tools and online tutorials.

DIY Disadvantage:

  • Need technical skills and experience
  • It is limited to basic fixes like batteries and screens
  • No guarantee or warranty if DIY goes wrong

Choose The Right Repairing Services

  1. Authorized Service Providers:

For warranty-covered repairs consider going to an Apple authorized service provider.

  1. Third-Party Repair Shops:

Third-party shops can be a cost-effective solution. Analyze they have a good reputation and experience with iPad repairs.

  1. Online Repair Services:

Check for clients’ reviews and their handling of shipping and returns.

iPad Preventive Measures:

To minimize the need for repairs:

  • Use a hard case and screen protector.
  • Avoid exposing the iPad to harsh temperatures and moisture.
  • Handle with care, especially around liquids.
  • Regularly update the iPad software to avoid viruses.


While iPads are robust devices. Understanding the common issues, and when to seek professional help can save you time and money.