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Battery Replacement Introduction:

iPhones are essential tools for communication and productivity. iPhone cannot function without the battery. Continously using of iPhone decreased performance and shorter battery life. If your iPhone battery drains quickly then you need to replace it. It loses the capacity of storage due to some technical default. Don’t worry! A TO Z Mobile Phone offers hassle-free battery replacement services to gain power back.

iPhone Battery Replacement Dubai is one of the cheapest repairs. Follow a few steps to return your iPhone to its original form. If your iPhone battery is showing technical signs, you can take the following steps:

  1. Repair iPhone existing battery
  2. Replace iPhone battery yourself

How to check iPhone battery health?

iPhone’ battery is a physical and consumable element. When iPhone battery degrades gradually after 100% charging then you need to replace it.

You can check battery health under Settings > Battery > Battery health.

While watching Netflix, YouTube, and more social media platforms your mobile battery run down. It disturbs your entertaining moment.

How does an iPhone battery work?

The battery is one of the most important parts of your iPhone. It is not only responsible for providing the energy necessary to power the device but also to deliver high quality performance. The battery iPhones contain lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology. As compared to the older generation of battery technologies, Li-ion batteries last longer, charge faster, and have a greater power capacity for battery life in a small package. With such batteries, never recommended to keep them at 100%, or leave them at 0%, for a long time.

iPhone Battery Damage Symptoms:

  1. Your iPhone turn off with more than 1% charge remaining
  2. iPhone not again restarting properly
  3. your iPhone is charging but won’t turn on after restarting
  4. iPhone battery drains quickly
  5. Battery taking more time for charging
  6. The battery does not show charging response
  7. Your iPhone screen is emerging from the frame
  8. Your iPhone start heating up.

How can I Know my iPhone battery needs replacements?

Signs of battery degradation include shorter battery life, rapid depletion of charge, overheating during charging, and unexpected shutdowns. When the battery health is less than 80%, battery replacement is recommended. Generally, this is about two years after you buy your iPhone. It depends on your battery extensive usage. There are many causes where 80% is reached after four years.

Different Types of Battery Damages

There are many types that your iPhone battery might be damaged. Most popular signs are given below;

  1. iPhone Battery Overheating:

During charging your battery will be not damaged. It is damaged due to some software issues. It happens due to exposure of your mobile to heat sources & moisture. A battery that produces overheating has left permanent damage to the internal parts.

  1. Battery Does Not Charge Properly:

Your iPhone not charging due to some software problem. It is one sign of a battery in need of special attention. If your iPhone does not charge properly. If you’ve tried using a different charging cable and plugins, then the battery may be affected.

  1. iPhone Battery Charges Slowly:

Change the charging cable and test the outlet or port. You’re using it to ensure those aren’t the problem. If these tools work fine with other devices and your phone continues to charge slowly. It means your battery does not work properly.

  1. Sudden Shutdowns Your iPhone

iPhones with injured batteries are caused to shut down suddenly. It is sign of a software or hardware malware. It may be to happen because your battery is degrading. An iPhone that shuts down can be unexpected.  This is a symptom of iPhone battery replacement.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

If you agree to replace the battery of your iPhone, you are in luck, at A TO Z Mobile phone we provide technical services. Now, you need Reliable iPhone battery replacement. When you are ready, you can visit our shop, or even request a battery change online. Now that you know everything to maintain health of your iPhone’s battery

iPhone’ Battery Replacement: DIY vs. Professionals

It is significantly simpler and reliable to hand your iPhone to an expert. If you feel you can replace the failed battery of your iPhone by yourself. Explore both ways in more detail.

Advantages & Disadvantages of DIY Repairs:

  1. Advantage:
  • It may be cheaper
  • You can repair your phone at home bravely
  1. Disadvantage:
  • Risk of damage
  • Voiding the iPhone warranty
  • Some iPhone batteries can be of poor quality

Benefits and drawbacks when using a reliable repair service center:

  1. Benefits:
  • High-quality battery repairing
  • Should also offer an extra warranty for your satisfaction
  • Performed techniques safely and quickly
  1. Drawbacks:
  • May costly than DIY battery replacement
  • The cost could be higher if there’s more time for fixing

What the iPhone battery repair includes:

  1. Protection of your iPhone from electrostatic charge
  2. Perform pre-quality check-up to detect problems before repairing
  3. Repair iPhone battery with an OEM genuine part
  4. After repairing post quality-check will be performed on your iPhone

Analyzing Battery Health Data on your iPhone

All mobile batteries have a limited life span.  With the passage of time, you notice charging capacity of mobile slow down.

  • Find out more data to determine mobile charging capacity;
  • Simply go to Settings>Battery>Battery health. Here you will find two sections:

– Maximum capacity.

– Peak performance capability.

The maximum capacity is followed by a percentage (95%, for instance). It comes from the industrial factory at 100% and, following two years, it could be around 80%.

What is iPhone battery replacement cost?

iPhone battery replacement cost can vary depending on several factors. Like the iPhone model, warranty status, and the region where the service is performed. If your iPhone is covered by Apple’s limited warranty or an AppleCare+ plan. Battery replacement may be available at no extra charge if the battery is defective.


Battery replacement in Dubai offers a convenient solution for reviving your smartphone’s performance and longevity. Whether opting for professional services or considering DIY options, prioritizing safety and quality ensures a satisfactory replacement experience. By following the provided guidelines and seeking assistance from reputable service providers, smartphone users can enjoy extended battery life and uninterrupted usage of their devices.